Brimming with dark secrets and beautifully disturbing sights, the atmospheric qualities of this city steeped in antiquity, are captivating from the moment you arrive.


So where does one start in a city that offers so much fascination? The main square is an obvious choice to get up close and personal with Prague’s wealth of Gothic architecture, turrets and towers, the gargoyles and sorrowful faces of saints carved into stone.


Tyn Church

25116_415875705551_1864359_n (1)

St. Nicholas Church

25116_415875750551_6384332_n (1)

Powder Gate

A trip up the hill to the castle is a must. There are many different architectural styles within the castle complex but by far the most stunning example is the St. Vitus Cathedral.



On the way back down, we stopped off for some deliciously warming coffee on the hillside and enjoyed the views of the city below in the freezing cold.

Who knew that the best restaurant in Prague was actually Afghan? Tucked away down a backstreet close to the Laterna Magika, the Kabul restaurant provides the hungry traveller with something completely different from the schnitzels, meaty stews and soups (as nice as they are) that are on offer in many of the centrally located eateries. Our first taste of Afghan cuisine will never be forgotten.

25116_415889365551_5198241_n (1)

Juxtaposed with the famous gothic constructions are modern architectural delights including Frank Gehry’s ‘Dancing house’ and the tv tower that has sculptures of babies crawling up its facade. Some what disturbing but exciting at the same time.


The Dancing House


The Žižkov Television Tower

Metro stations are works of art in themselves. Clean and pristine, the tunnels are a fascinating mix of dalek-like blobs and space-age cubes. The reliable metro also offers a sweeter-smelling alternative to the trams, as efficient as they are.


The Charles Bridge across the river Vltava, takes the visitor back to the brooding, atmospheric charm that Prague is so famous for. The stone bridge is punctuated by thirty Baroque-style statues that mournfully look down on passers by. The mood of the bridge is lifted by various talented buskers that come and go to entertain the crowds.


The Charles Bridge



Over the bridge and into the Lesser Quarter area, the ever-changing John Lennon wall can be found; a homage to peace and love.


The John Lennon Wall


The city is full of surprising oddities and we soon realised that one long weekend would not be enough to explore the myriad attractions on offer.

25116_415893230551_5756138_nFranz Kafka memorial; one of the most stressful places to take a photo

We found that Prague could be infuriating just as much as it could be exhilarating. Large tour groups swarm through the city, making it difficult to enjoy the sights at a leisurely pace. However, at the end of the trip  we had to admit that ‘the city of a thousand spires’ had well and truly got under our skin. A return to Prague would be inevitable.


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